MM@YCS Snap Circuits 30oct2013
Last week, so many kids were sick! It was really fun to see everybody back this week, including a bunch of new faces!

There are lots of photos in our Flickr feed. You can find ones for YCS in the sets that start with "MM@YCS" and take a look at the "MM@Mitchell" ones to see our other Michigan Makers site and get ideas. 

By the way ... is your face hidden in a photo? That means we need your permission slip! Ask Mr. R.J. for a copy.

Activity menu:

- SunPrints (yes! There is just enough sunlight possible!) Kudos to Stephen and Jimmy for figuring out how to turn a sewing machine case into a developing tub!

- Origami - Last day! We had lots of takers working with Amelia.

- Snap Circuits - check out Alyssa and Alana having a great time in the photos.

- Crochet - Last day! Mollie was hard at work on her big afghan project.

- Scratch Programming - We are learning that there are big Doctor Who fans in MM. Will they make a Who-like animation?

Hmmm ... what were Jessica and Ellen working on? Look below for a hint of what might be coming soon ... 

- Kristin
MM@YCS Jessica tests sewing machines 30oct2013 IMG_5703

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